A Love Letter To My Agency

Being basically anonymous while I was putting out my Rom Com Novellas as Caitie Quinn was hard… sometimes heartbreakingly so. No matter how much help I had along the way, not “being me” often made me feel alone on the journey — and lowered my expectations of how the release of Wreckless would go.

I expected a little bit of pimping and a few sales and hoped that slowly it would build up enough steam that it would find readers.

That’s so not what happened — I may not be on NYTBS, but I’m doing far better than expected. And, more importantly, people seem to be enjoying Wreckless.

But, that’s not my love letter. This is:

The Clan MacLeod, otherwise known as my Agency Sistahs & Robert, have always been a group to chat and support and cheer and hold up. It’s been something that was automatic to us in the way that probably can only happen as we joined one by one in Lauren’s earlier days through the present. They have been the joy in my joyful, the fun in my funny, the absurd in my… ok, my absurd. We’ve shared books and thoughts and life stories. We’ve followed each others submissions and sent more virtual chocolate than should be allowed. We joke and play pranks and occasionally we even write stuff.

But none of that could have prepared me for the amazing  – AMAZING – gift they gave me for Wreckless’s One Week Book Birthday.

If you somehow missed the crazy spat of tweets, you HAVE to see what they’ve done. I literally snorted iced tea out my nose when I clicked on the link for the first time as I saw just how far these amazing writers are willing to go for one of their own.

Clan MacLeod: Thank you for reminding me in the best possible way that not having the support of a publisher doesn’t mean going it alone. Thank you for believing in me enough to throw your own energy behind me and my book. Thank you for being the create, amazing people you are.

And thanks, through all this, for become friends in a world where often a writer feels alone. Proof again that we’re all in this together and that writing is far from being a competitions but is more of a collaboration, no matter how many people touch a manuscript.

And so, with that said, if you didn’t see their INSANELY AWESOME AND CREATIVE book birthday gift, check it out HERE!


  1. awww that’s really nice to have such wonderful support well done you 🙂

  2. I’m so glad we surprised you and you liked our gift. <3 I think the best thing about the KidLit roster at the Strothman Agency is how we have each other's backs no matter what. I'm so glad Wreckless is finding its way into the hands of readers. They are sure to love your work just as much as I do. 🙂

  3. You deserve it, Bria! And don’t underestimate our selfish motives here. I have a strong suspicion Jodi’s been dying for a reason to break out the spray-on hair dye. Ditto Monica and getting that freeloader to start driving himself around already.

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