Author Services Directory


Are you someone who does Author Services? PA/VA/AA? Marketing Assistant? Designer? Ad creator? Straight admin…. the list goes on?

I’m creating a directory of Author Services peeps – it’s free to the Assistants to add their info.

Are you actually an AUTHOR looking for help – no worries. It’s super affordable to get the list (when it goes live):  $5 to download – and that includes a year of free quarterly updates.

Why am I doing this?

Simple. In my coaching world I’m constantly talking to frustrated authors who can’t find an admin. They start looking, get overwhelmed, and give up. I hear a lot of:

  • I’m not sure what I need and things are too spread out
  • The directory sites I see are just a bunch of people say “check out my site” – too time-consuming
  • Word of mouth recs often come from admins who don’t have an online presence for themselves

On the other side, I hear from Assistants:

  • The right people aren’t finding me
  • I’m answering too many questions that I shouldn’t have to
  • NO ONE is finding me

And so… after having 4 conversations in 2 weeks, I thought… let’s do this. Author Services Directory.


I’m trying to get AT LEAST 20 Assistants/Designers/etc listed before offering it. If you’re looking to get on the list, it takes about 3 minutes HERE.

AUTHORS – you want the list. You’re like, yes. I’m tired of google-give up-google-repeat. I’m doing a ONE TIME ONLY mailing list when it goes live.  Sign up for that HERE.

The goal: Make finding help easier while getting more people service gigs.

It’s as simple as that.

So, jump in where you should and let’s do this!

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