It’s Not Fair VERSUS Get Over it

One thing you see a lot of in the publishing world is the whole “It’s Not Fair” thing. Okay, you see it a lot in life, but since I have no life, only books, let’s talk about it in the writing world. The list of things that aren’t fair is insanely long. It’s not fair that: people give your book 1 star without reading it some books get front page ads just because editors invest more time and money on {Read More}

It’s A Business, People

Two things happened in the last 12 hours to get this post twirling about in my head. The first was last night talking to Roomie who didn’t understand the amount of money I was considering slapping down to begin the next project (It’s not Ben & Jenna LOL – but please feel free to keep asking!) The new project is a Super Secret I’d hoped to announce next month, but because of my own incorrect expectations about how long it {Read More}

What Indie Authors Should Really Be Worrying About

If you didn’t read my post What I Don’t Understand Right Now, you may want to consider it before joining the conversation. Not necessary, but just a little more background info. What it discusses is my view on the “good enough” situation we’re seeing with a lot of indie publishing. I won’t rehash the whole thing, but I think it’s one of my posts that’s definitely worth reading if you’re a writer and maybe if you’re a reader. I’ve put {Read More}

Being ‘In’ With the Books

I’ve been getting emails and tweets this week after the free day for The Last Single Girl with a bunch of questions, so here goes: 1. Yes! I just started a mailing list *points to the right side of the screen* I will only email you when a new book or story is coming out and I won’t give your emails to anyone else. 2. The next 2 books are about getting close to done. They’re both about 50k. They’re both {Read More}

What I Don’t Understand Right Now

I’m going to kick this off by admitting I realize the irony of the next paragraph. Just because someone has published (trad or indie) a book, has a blog, or is even making a living as a writer, does not mean their advice is valid, worthwhile or even safe to your career. If you want to go it alone as an indie-pub’d person, you absolutely need to learn the difference between “someone with an opinion” and a “topic expert.” Now, just to be {Read More}

Risk – What Is it?

I’ve been seeing a lot of discussions online (in several different places) about the “risks” writers are taking and most of the time I wander away shaking my head. I finally broke down and tweeted it: There is no risk in not selling. I got a few Exactly!s and a few What does that even mean??s. This is what I mean: The writing is the risk. Everything else is just what you do to get the word out. And, that’s {Read More}

Location! Location! Location!

WELCOME to the Girly Books Blog Hop! Not only am I giving away an ebook, and several other sites giving away their books… but the Girly Books Blog is giving away a TON of prizes. Make sure to check it out!  And now… let’s talk about location! Do you believe there are magical places where anything can happen? I totally do. It’s amazing what the right setting will do for your story. It can become almost a character itself. When I write, I {Read More}

Blog Hop!

Self-Publisher’s Letter to Friends & Family

Previously, on Indie Year One (totally pretend I said that in announcer guy voice) I gave you a list of 22 things to do if you wanted your self-published book to be a success. I got some notes about the list, but I actually got more than one about #21: Send an email to friends saying how excited you are about this. Share that you’re nervous about doing it without the assistance of a publisher and that their support has {Read More}

It’s in His Kiss – Christmas Freebie!

Merry Christmas! I am a huge lover of Christmas. The music, the lights, the parties, the seeing people you love… the presents! And so, to celebrate Christmas this year, I’d love to give away It’s in His Kiss to anyone who hasn’t bought it yet. KISS is available on Amazon US FREE on Sunday the 23rd. May it give you a break from the shopping madness! 🙂 It’s in His Kiss Jenna’s been letting life pass her by as she {Read More}