It’s out! It’s out! After all the work and then waiting for edits and work and then waiting and then work, it’s finally out! Sarah is so cute. I feel for her even as I laugh at her attempts to find the right guy… or one she can pass off as the right guy for New Year’s. Hope you fall in love with her as she takes on and the many adventures it brings her! One month. That’s all {Read More}

Rock Star Crushes – Book Giveaway!

We all have one. You know what I’m talking about. That guy… the rock star. Even if you weren’t one to pin Tiger Beat to your wall (I don’t think I’ve ever even opened a fan mag), you probably still have a singer who makes you swwwwoooooooonnnn. It could be his voice or the way he moves or the songs he writes, but whatever it is it got your attention and it’s not letting go. Personally, I have always loved {Read More}

The Last Single Girl ~~Cover Reveal~~

Check it out! I’m so darn excited about my new cover. It was done by Go On Write which has quickly become one of my favorite websites to peruse. A few quick things for those who have been asking since I’m still working on the blurb: This is nota Theories in Love book so no Jenna or her gang It is loosely connected (which you’ll how see in later TiL books) It’s about 22k — or, in NY Publishing speak {Read More}

When The Next Books Are Different

Anyone who has read It’s in His Kiss know that there’s a certain level of… wackiness to it. Jenna is a bit over the top. Completely by accident. That is probably what makes her so loveable. She doesn’t know that she’s just a weeeeee bit absurd (and to all  you people saying Jenna is me, I say… Um, can we quit asking that while I call her absurd? Maybe just for today? *shifty eyes*) Plus, on top of that, KISS {Read More}

When Do You Put a ‘Best Seller’ Note On?

Recently I had an amazing run with my story It’s in His Kiss and had some really great outcomes: Yup, that’s KISS at #1 in its sub-category! That was a pretty awesome day. Followed up quickly by this: KISS made it into the Top 50 in Contemporary Romance, its main category, for both the ebooks and the overall category. I danced. I shouted. I took screen shots. I just waved when my co-workers looked at me funny during the dancing and shouting. {Read More}

When the Holidays Inspire You

I’ll admit it. I have holiday fever. I love this time of the year. There’s a certain sort of magic that seems to float on the air like dandelion wisps. And so, while I figure out what the heck is going on in the two books I’m writing to follow-up the novella … not to mention trying to get them done for January and February… I decided, what the heck! Why don’t I write a holiday short. Yes. Now. Go {Read More}

6 Book Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m giving stuff away!!!! On the It’s in His Kiss page, you’ll see a bar of books running across the middle known as the Also Boughts. I’m giving away KISS plus, all 5 of the Also Boughts on my front page. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, all you have to do is tell me a book you’re thankful for. I’ll be drawing Wednesday night. *Disclaimer Junk: Must have a kindle or kindle app on your phone/computer/etc & be in the {Read More}

When Characters Force Their Backstory

Lately I’ve been picking up books that I seem to put down almost immediately. They might be great books. I might even end up giving them 4 or 5 stars in my tracker if I read them all the way through. But, I’ll never know. What’s the new thing that’s been stopping me? Characters forcing their backstory (I know. You’re shocked. It’s not like the title gave it away or anything.) In the last month I’ve picked up books where {Read More}

When Caitie Makes Assumptions

Last year I wrote 22 Steps to Successfully Self-Publishing. It still gets linked on a fairly regular basis and I still get thank you emails from people just a few months behind me on this ladder. It’s now been over a year since that post went live and I realized I made a huge, HUGE, miscalculation. I’ve realized that everyone’s “good enough” is not the same. Personally, mine is “as good as I can get it with free and hired {Read More}

When People Ask Writers the Wrong Question

Last week I wrote a blog about When Writers Ask the Wrong Question and found myself asked the wrong question as a follow-up. I was asked: If you’re all for exploration in YA, why is your story so sweet? First off, Yes. KISS is a sweet adult contemp. Second, Yes, all of my stories will be sweet. Third, what does that have to do with other people’s YA? I’d start by saying that I’m not for free for alls in {Read More}