It’s in His Kiss – Christmas Freebie!

Merry Christmas! I am a huge lover of Christmas. The music, the lights, the parties, the seeing people you love… the presents! And so, to celebrate Christmas this year, I’d love to give away It’s in His Kiss to anyone who hasn’t bought it yet. KISS is available on Amazon US FREE on Sunday the 23rd. May it give you a break from the shopping madness! 🙂 It’s in His Kiss Jenna’s been letting life pass her by as she {Read More}

When You Get Awesome Emails

I’ve gotten a couple emails over the last week asking about more stories. WOW! That’s always exciting. The emails also asked if my next stories would have Ben & Jenna and if they’d be as short. So, here goes: I’m hoping to have 2 stories out at the turn of the year. Both will still be in the Theories in Love series, so yes there will be more Ben & Jenna. Will we get another story just about them? That’s {Read More}

Theories in Love, Book 2 Excerpt

I’m working on finishing up book 2 in the Theories In Love series (which is full novella at this point) for late fall. There is definitely more shenanigans, not to mention Ben & Jenna, but this story belongs to Kasey Lane, a down-her-luck graphic designer who… Well, I’ll leave it there for now 😉 ~~*~~  “You’re dumping me?” I really could not believe this was happening. Every time. Every time I thought this week couldn’t get worse – BAM! It did. {Read More}

It’s in His Kiss ~ Excerpt

It took me a little while to realize that each of my books has something in common… you know, something different than normal voice or humor, etc. Each book somehow manages to have a Theory. Yup, apparently my characters like to talk about their funny views of life through theory. I’m polishing up the one right now for my new release in December, but I thought I’d share the theory from It’s in His Kiss for those of you who {Read More}

Load Your Kindle for Labor Day Giveaway!

I’m in love with my Kindle. I didn’t think I would be. Don’t get me wrong, I will always always love paper books, but my Kindle has become a necessity too. I also love Labor Day. The last unofficial weekend of the summer. BBQs, beach trips, a day off of work. And so, taking the two things I’m loving the most right now, I’m going to load your Kindle with a bunch of great contemp romances to enjoy on your holiday {Read More}

Sample Sunday – It’s in His Kiss

Hi *waves* Welcome to my first Sample Sunday. Here’s the opening of my short It’s in His Kiss. Hope you enjoy 🙂 ~Caitie~     The thick smoker-voice on the other end of the phone made demands I wanted to ignore. “It’s time for Chloe’s first kiss.” “What? It can’t be,” I replied, pushing back the panic. “She’s far too young to be involved with boys.” “Honey, she’s sixteen. Almost seventeen if I remember correctly.” “But, kissing? Boys?” I shook {Read More}

Why is Your Book Not Selling?

So, you have an indie book out there already and it’s just not doing what you’d hoped it would? Sales aren’t taking off or even staying consistent. Your mom and your best friend can’t tell you why because it’s so great. Things aren’t flying off the virtual shelf and you want to know why? Well, check out Why Is My Book Not Selling. Victorine E. Lieske started this site this summer and I have to say, I’m extremely impressed. The {Read More}

What’s Next?

I’ve started getting reader reviews/tweets/mail about Ben. Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben. Poor Jenna gets her own book and all anyone cares about is the hot guy. A lot of those questions are around what I’m going to write next (and Ben) and if there will be more Jenna shorts (and Ben) and will I write other genres (if so, will Ben be there?) So, first off…no to that last question: Yes, I write other genres, but no, Ben will not {Read More}

First Kisses

My first kiss was from a boy who was — frankly — out of my league and wayyyyy to experienced for me. He was also our school’s rival’s captain. Um, yeah. I mentioned he was really hot, right? Well, he was also Mr. Alpha Guy even way back then. We were on our way to a movie — our first date — and cutting through the parking lot of the mall, when he spun me against a car and kissed {Read More}

First Report

If you’re just joining us, you may not have realized one of the reasons I started this blog was to share from the inside the journey of an author self-publishing her first project. So, it’s been a week (well, just over) and for 99% of that time I was at RWA. It was so hard being there and not sharing my new secret identity as Caitie Quinn, Funny Girl… funny looking girl? Well, something. People talked all week about self-publishing (and {Read More}