Off to RWA!

I’m off to RWA as my other-self… spending time with The Agent, meeting some editors, having a grand old time. I’ll also see if I can sneak down to the Courtny Milan Self-Publishing breakfast. Her short Unlocked (which I read and loved) made it to Amazon’s Romance Bestsellers #1 slot. I’m sure there’s tons she can teach us! I’ll report back when I return! Have a great week everyone (shameless begging plug: check out It’s In His Kiss while I’m {Read More}


So, this is an announcement AND a discussion post. The announcement: It’s in His Kiss (finally) went live on Amazon today! You can check it out HERE. And here (again, cause I love it so darn much) is the cover: And now the discussion part. I began the posting process Tuesday. Nothing took more than 24 hours. I have seen some discussion on the Kindle Boards about things taking longer than that…. people reporting in that their 24 hour wait {Read More}

Am I Published Yet? ….. How ’bout Now?

So, the cover is done. The formating was borrowed. The edits are in. Everything is ready to go. Can I get a big WOOT? Unfortunately, when I did all this Tuesday, I made a few newbie mistakes. First, my paragraphs would not indent. A friend went in and fixed those. I need to learn how to do it for next time (next time! Exciting words!) Secondly, I put myself through “Draft” three times. Yes. Three. The first time was normal. {Read More}

The Cover!

Ready for a peek at the cover for my It’s In His Kiss short coming out this week? I’m absolutely in love with it. The couple is adorable and the workmanship is just so great. Plus, I’ve always loved blue. I know. But seriously, more stupid things have made us love a cover. So, without further ado, here it is! And, of course, what cover post would be complete without a blurb! Okay, the blurb-in-progress: Jenna’s been letting life pass {Read More}