FREE – It’s in His Kiss

For the last time, before it comes out of Amazon Select, IT’S IN HIS KISS is free because I love giving stuff away! But today? FREE! 😉 Enjoy!   Jenna’s been letting life pass her by as she works on her career. But, when she needs to do some research of the kissing kind, things may get a little more heated than she expected. Research has never been so fun. WARNING: This 11k novella has no vampires, shape shifter or scorching {Read More}

Choice Awards Nomination

I’m so excited that SECRET GIRLFRIEND has been nominated for a Choice Award on YABCentral! Obviously it’s hanging out there with some Heavy Hitters, but just being on that list is so cool. I should get a screenshot of Girlfriend chilling with the cool kids! If you read Secret Girlfriend and liked it, please consider heading over to the site to vote. It’s 1/2 way down the page under YOUNG ADULT/Contemp Romance HERE.   On that note, thank you to {Read More}

Reader Interview: Book Love Sharing

A few weeks ago I had dinner with a friend who we will call “Friend.” She was really excited I was putting my books out and she asked what someone could do to support a writer with a book they believed in. That last bit was important once we started chatting. Friend wrote her ideas on a napkin and told me to blog it. You should know that she’s a reader. She has nothing to do with writing or blogging {Read More}

So, this happened….

I’ve been asked several times how I got on there. I have no idea. I’ve never submitted for a review or bought an ad so the idea that RT would even know my little stories exist is AMAZING. Super amazing.

What Indie Authors Should Really Be Worrying About

If you didn’t read my post What I Don’t Understand Right Now, you may want to consider it before joining the conversation. Not necessary, but just a little more background info. What it discusses is my view on the “good enough” situation we’re seeing with a lot of indie publishing. I won’t rehash the whole thing, but I think it’s one of my posts that’s definitely worth reading if you’re a writer and maybe if you’re a reader. I’ve put {Read More}

Self-Publisher’s Letter to Friends & Family

Previously, on Indie Year One (totally pretend I said that in announcer guy voice) I gave you a list of 22 things to do if you wanted your self-published book to be a success. I got some notes about the list, but I actually got more than one about #21: Send an email to friends saying how excited you are about this. Share that you’re nervous about doing it without the assistance of a publisher and that their support has {Read More}

It’s in His Kiss – Christmas Freebie!

Merry Christmas! I am a huge lover of Christmas. The music, the lights, the parties, the seeing people you love… the presents! And so, to celebrate Christmas this year, I’d love to give away It’s in His Kiss to anyone who hasn’t bought it yet. KISS is available on Amazon US FREE on Sunday the 23rd. May it give you a break from the shopping madness! 🙂 It’s in His Kiss Jenna’s been letting life pass her by as she {Read More}

When The Next Books Are Different

Anyone who has read It’s in His Kiss know that there’s a certain level of… wackiness to it. Jenna is a bit over the top. Completely by accident. That is probably what makes her so loveable. She doesn’t know that she’s just a weeeeee bit absurd (and to all  you people saying Jenna is me, I say… Um, can we quit asking that while I call her absurd? Maybe just for today? *shifty eyes*) Plus, on top of that, KISS {Read More}

When Do You Put a ‘Best Seller’ Note On?

Recently I had an amazing run with my story It’s in His Kiss and had some really great outcomes: Yup, that’s KISS at #1 in its sub-category! That was a pretty awesome day. Followed up quickly by this: KISS made it into the Top 50 in Contemporary Romance, its main category, for both the ebooks and the overall category. I danced. I shouted. I took screen shots. I just waved when my co-workers looked at me funny during the dancing and shouting. {Read More}

22 Steps to Successfully Self-Publishing

There’s a lot to do and consider before Indie Publishing. A friend asked me for my advice and I decided to think it through for a few days and share it here as well. I put this list together so my friend could make a decision and then start to prepare with as much information as possible. That doesn’t mean I’m blind to the costs. Yes, I had friends who edited. Yes, I have a friend in PR I could {Read More}