Back to the Adventure

I’ve been good about posting my weekly numbers…but beyond that, what happened to the adventure? The adventure lives on. I’m still learning a lot about indie-publishing. A friend last night pointed me to a blog where the writer went OFF on self-publishers who called themselves “indie” saying we had bastardized (her words) the meaning of the word and basically just a long ranty post meant to put indie (yeah, I said it) writers in their place…and to educate all those {Read More}

Sample Sunday – It’s in His Kiss

Hi *waves* Welcome to my first Sample Sunday. Here’s the opening of my short It’s in His Kiss. Hope you enjoy 🙂 ~Caitie~     The thick smoker-voice on the other end of the phone made demands I wanted to ignore. “It’s time for Chloe’s first kiss.” “What? It can’t be,” I replied, pushing back the panic. “She’s far too young to be involved with boys.” “Honey, she’s sixteen. Almost seventeen if I remember correctly.” “But, kissing? Boys?” I shook {Read More}

Why is Your Book Not Selling?

So, you have an indie book out there already and it’s just not doing what you’d hoped it would? Sales aren’t taking off or even staying consistent. Your mom and your best friend can’t tell you why because it’s so great. Things aren’t flying off the virtual shelf and you want to know why? Well, check out Why Is My Book Not Selling. Victorine E. Lieske started this site this summer and I have to say, I’m extremely impressed. The {Read More}

How to Lose Readers Before Your Book Comes Out

It’s been an interesting two weeks. Because of this self-publishing journey, I’ve found myself walking around in both the traditional publishing world and the indie-publishing world. And yet, some things remain the same in both worlds. One of those things is that you can lose a reader…even before you’re published. Are you doing any of the following? Tell the reader she’s not your reader. This has happened in several places over the last few weeks. I’ve seen an author (often {Read More}

How To Be A Joiner

I am not a joiner. I’m the girl who always feels like if I try to join people are going to be like, Shut up stupid girl and go sit over there in the dirt. Ok, so no one has ACTUALLY said something like that. I was once told a a writer event that everyone in the group standing there was invited to dinner but me… yeah, that stung. Of course, 1/2 the group was like, Sorry, we have plans with {Read More}

First Report

If you’re just joining us, you may not have realized one of the reasons I started this blog was to share from the inside the journey of an author self-publishing her first project. So, it’s been a week (well, just over) and for 99% of that time I was at RWA. It was so hard being there and not sharing my new secret identity as Caitie Quinn, Funny Girl… funny looking girl? Well, something. People talked all week about self-publishing (and {Read More}

Off to RWA!

I’m off to RWA as my other-self… spending time with The Agent, meeting some editors, having a grand old time. I’ll also see if I can sneak down to the Courtny Milan Self-Publishing breakfast. Her short Unlocked (which I read and loved) made it to Amazon’s Romance Bestsellers #1 slot. I’m sure there’s tons she can teach us! I’ll report back when I return! Have a great week everyone (shameless begging plug: check out It’s In His Kiss while I’m {Read More}


So, this is an announcement AND a discussion post. The announcement: It’s in His Kiss (finally) went live on Amazon today! You can check it out HERE. And here (again, cause I love it so darn much) is the cover: And now the discussion part. I began the posting process Tuesday. Nothing took more than 24 hours. I have seen some discussion on the Kindle Boards about things taking longer than that…. people reporting in that their 24 hour wait {Read More}

Am I Published Yet? ….. How ’bout Now?

So, the cover is done. The formating was borrowed. The edits are in. Everything is ready to go. Can I get a big WOOT? Unfortunately, when I did all this Tuesday, I made a few newbie mistakes. First, my paragraphs would not indent. A friend went in and fixed those. I need to learn how to do it for next time (next time! Exciting words!) Secondly, I put myself through “Draft” three times. Yes. Three. The first time was normal. {Read More}