Pub Paths: Why My Path Was Right For Me

If you didn’t read it previously, you might want to read Part One of the series about my path to going indie HERE. So, we made the decision. I’m not going to discuss all the steps to self-publishing or my own process. That’s a totally different post and other people have already done it far better than I could. Although, maybe one day I’ll do a post on everything that can go wrong. Yeah. It went like that. I’m going {Read More}

Pub Paths: The Bria History

There’s this river running between Indie and Trad publishing. In some places it’s a peaceful trickle you can hop from one side to the other. In some places it has raging rapids and dead-drop waterfalls. Each author decides where they live and judge everyone else from what they see outside their own window. It’s the topic I get questioned on the most: Are you happy you went indie? Are you happy you have an agent? Are you happy you queried {Read More}