Cover Reveal!!

You may have seen me talking about this on twitter or gushing about them on facebook, or generally just over-the-top excited about the new covers for the Brew Ha Ha series. And so…. One month. That’s all Sarah has to find a date or earn the honor of being the last single girl in her inner circle. Actually, in all her circles. So with four weeks to find Mr. Right and a frienemy already counting her out, Sarah joins love hoping {Read More}

Location! Location! Location!

WELCOME to the Girly Books Blog Hop! Not only am I giving away an ebook, and several other sites giving away their books… but the Girly Books Blog is giving away a TON of prizes. Make sure to check it out!  And now… let’s talk about location! Do you believe there are magical places where anything can happen? I totally do. It’s amazing what the right setting will do for your story. It can become almost a character itself. When I write, I {Read More}


It’s out! It’s out! After all the work and then waiting for edits and work and then waiting and then work, it’s finally out! Sarah is so cute. I feel for her even as I laugh at her attempts to find the right guy… or one she can pass off as the right guy for New Year’s. Hope you fall in love with her as she takes on and the many adventures it brings her! One month. That’s all {Read More}

The Last Single Girl ~~Cover Reveal~~

Check it out! I’m so darn excited about my new cover. It was done by Go On Write which has quickly become one of my favorite websites to peruse. A few quick things for those who have been asking since I’m still working on the blurb: This is nota Theories in Love book so no Jenna or her gang It is loosely connected (which you’ll how see in later TiL books) It’s about 22k — or, in NY Publishing speak {Read More}