When You’re Writing More Than One Book At Once

I’m trying to finish some things. Some things that follow-up the novella. Except… they keep GROWING. Instead of working on one story at once, I’m working on 4 books to follow-up It’s in His Kiss. Each of these will be about 200 pages, so we’re pushing the length wayyyyy out. And, on top of that, I’m working on them all at once. I know. If there’s actually anyone out there waiting for the next story, it’s the last thing she {Read More}

When You Get Awesome Emails

I’ve gotten a couple emails over the last week asking about more stories. WOW! That’s always exciting. The emails also asked if my next stories would have Ben & Jenna and if they’d be as short. So, here goes: I’m hoping to have 2 stories out at the turn of the year. Both will still be in the Theories in Love series, so yes there will be more Ben & Jenna. Will we get another story just about them? That’s {Read More}

Theories in Love, Book 2 Excerpt

I’m working on finishing up book 2 in the Theories In Love series (which is full novella at this point) for late fall. There is definitely more shenanigans, not to mention Ben & Jenna, but this story belongs to Kasey Lane, a down-her-luck graphic designer who… Well, I’ll leave it there for now 😉 ~~*~~  “You’re dumping me?” I really could not believe this was happening. Every time. Every time I thought this week couldn’t get worse – BAM! It did. {Read More}