Favorite Goodreads Misunderstanding… EVER

I know Goodreads is a hot discussion topic all around. Everyone feels strongly about how to use it. Do you chat with reviewers? Do you even read your reviews?

A friend of mine has teenagers (trust me, this is going somewhere.) She once said that their rooms were like this magical place that while, somehow being INSIDE the house, aren’t really part of the house. That’s how I’ve typically treated reviews.

I know when I used to write reviews, I didn’t want the author bouncing in all the time – even to say “thanks” because I felt a bit watched — what if I didn’t care for her next book???

So, when a friend emailed me to say, “One of your friends just reviewed KISS. She even called you ‘Darling’” I almost didn’t go check it out. I’m really glad I did… because not only was the reviewer not a friend, but she definitely wasn’t calling me darlin’ (although, readers, feel free to call me darlin’ whenever you want!)

Here’s why she thought that: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/605172399

So, yes. I finally commented on a review. My friend’s flub was too cute not to!

And, with that, I want to take one more opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to read my books and post something. I’m always amazed that people take the time. Even if I stay out of it, I always appreciate the effort every time I cave and see what’s going on in Goodreadslandia!



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