First Kisses

My first kiss was from a boy who was — frankly — out of my league and wayyyyy to experienced for me. He was also our school’s rival’s captain. Um, yeah.

I mentioned he was really hot, right?

Well, he was also Mr. Alpha Guy even way back then.

We were on our way to a movie — our first date — and cutting through the parking lot of the mall, when he spun me against a car and kissed me like every hot first kiss you’ve ever read about. Then, with a straight face he said, “I’ve been wanting to do that for three weeks and I wasn’t waiting for the end of the night.” With my hand still wrapped in his, he half-dragged me into the mall dazed and wondering if we could just skip the movie.

I’ll be honest, he wasn’t my first love. But he was definitely my first lust… One day I plan on finding another boy who lives up to the first.

Now it’s your turn. Share with me your first kiss story and I’ll be picking a great story to win a kindle version of my short It’s In His Kiss.

You have till Wednesday night. Ok….. GO!


  1. Destiny P says

    I had a friend of mine “rig” a game of truth or dare so I could accidentally-on-purpose kiss my crush in 6th grade haha 🙂

  2. Apparently I initiated my first kiss. lol. I don’t recall it, but he says I did. It was definitely not a first kiss to remember though. Nothing like yours. No spark or anything.

  3. My first kiss was with the first boy I ever crushed on and, THOUGHT I loved.
    I invited him to my birthday party and made him cut the cake with me so he’d have to kiss me.
    I was a devious ten year old. LOL. It wasn’t as great as yours though. I would have LOVED to have had that spark, even if I wasn’t in love with the guy who kissed me. LE SIGH. I’m not that lucky these days. Maybe soon?
    How awesome was him leaving you all dazed? That was kinda hot and cute at the same time.

  4. I was a late bloomer, too. He was my first boyfriend (we were 16), and he dropped me off at home after a football game. I *may* have given the impression I was more experienced than I actually was, because he leaned in, smashed his lips against mine, and then slipped in some crazy sloppy tongue.

    I, of course, promptly spit the offending item out and wiped my mouth on my sleeve. Weird how the relationship never really took off after that. 😉

  5. Marnee Bailey says

    First kiss, huh? An older boy. With a motorcycle. I was home alone and he stopped by. I remember thinking it was alright but nothing like the romance novels I’d read. You know, one of those guys who leads with the tongue like it’s a spear? Anyway, I think he knew I was completely out of my element. Maybe it was the wide-eyed, “what the heck?” on my face. Maybe he knew I was like a new baby chick. Dunno. But he never came back for seconds. Then I was devastated. Now? I think I got lucky.

    • Ohhhh older boy with a motorcycle. Nice kick-off boy 😉 Yeah, experienced boys have their place… You’ve gotta love one that’s a nice combination between dangerous and safe *ponders that* *happy sigh*

  6. Wow. First every kiss was sweet yet laughable. At the end of my first date ever, we both sort of leaned in and pecked. It was sooooo quick. As in, we ricocheted back from each other. Measured in nanoseconds. At fourteen though, it was sweet and still swoony.

    First kiss from my true love was something to write home about. Actually, I called home at about 6:00am the next day to gloat. He kissed my ear first… then my mouth… for about 3 hours. Sigh. Of course I married him. Duh.

    • If you find a spare keeper, send him my way! I have to ask… was the ear thing an accident, or was he nibbling on you?

      • And the winner is… by asking the roomie to pick a random number…. LISA! At Fic Talk… Lisa, I’ll be sending you a kindle copy of It’s In His Kiss!

        THANK YOU TO EVEYRONE WHO PLAYED ALONG – These were amaizngly fun to read!

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