It’s in His Kiss ~ Excerpt

It took me a little while to realize that each of my books has something in common… you know, something different than normal voice or humor, etc.

Each book somehow manages to have a Theory. Yup, apparently my characters like to talk about their funny views of life through theory.

I’m polishing up the one right now for my new release in December, but I thought I’d share the theory from It’s in His Kiss for those of you who haven’t read it yet.

Our hero Jenna is out with her very attractive friend Lisbeth getting some lessons on men. Enjoy:

Studying the room over her martini, Lisbeth jumped right in. “Scoping the guys is a big part of any night out. Start with looks. There are three categories of guys.”

Finally. Something I could answer. “Blond, brunet, redhead.”

Her look questioned my almost perfect SAT scores.

“No. Jeep, Civic, Yugo. Obviously you want to avoid Yugos at all cost.”

“Obviously.” Note: more sarcasm.

“The Jeep is the hot guy. The one that always looks good. And just like his namesake, looks even better with his top off.”

“Are you serious?” If this is what I was going to learn out in ‘the real world,’ no wonder I stayed home so often.

“The Honda,” Lisbeth steamrolled my question. She motioned to my notebook with a pointed look until I raised my pen to capture her…um… brilliance. “Is a nice run of the mill guy. Depending on the year and model, he could be close to a Jeep or, you know, more like a rust heap. The Yugo, well, that’s self-explanatory.”

“And probably what I’ll end up with.”

“Jenna, you’re a solid, one-to-three year off the lot Civic. I’d say you’re silver. If you put makeup on, you might even be red. Don’t sell yourself short.”

So where did that leave me? I was dependable, flat-chested, shopped at the Gap, and you could get me drunk off one drink. Yup, I was a mid-level Honda all right.

I looked at my friend, the Jeep, and counted all the blessings of being a Civic. Low cost, reliable, compact, inexpensive maintenance, low gas mileage.

“So, I need a Civic, right?”

Lisbeth scanned the room, weeding out guys in her head like a chef tossing soft vegetables.



And then the chaos begins 😉


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