It’s Not Fair VERSUS Get Over it

One thing you see a lot of in the publishing world is the whole “It’s Not Fair” thing. Okay, you see it a lot in life, but since I have no life, only books, let’s talk about it in the writing world.

The list of things that aren’t fair is insanely long. It’s not fair that:

  • people give your book 1 star without reading it
  • some books get front page ads just because
  • editors invest more time and money on certain titles
  • you can’t be involved in certain book blogger sites without a certain number of reviews at a certain
  • some people know other authors so they can get blurbs more easily
  • etc

Pretend the list goes on for about four pages and you’re scratching the surface. And my response to that is:


Stuff isn’t fair. I’m not one of those connected or lucky people. Never have been. Probably never will be.

You know what? That’s fine. In some ways, it’s good even. There’s no surprises coming. Just a simple, plug away and write the next book. I can plan that… I can DO that.

The thing about most of that “It’s Not Fair” stuff — actually, maybe even all of it — is that you have no control over it.

To be fair, I’m not talking about discussions about things not working (like promo) or looking for solutions. I’m talking about just being upset about not being handed/allowed something you want.

What, can I ask you, is the point of not only worrying about things you can’t control, but complaining about them?

Yeah. I get it. We all worry over stuff we can’t change. But, we also all need to get over that. That stuff? It’s a thief. It robs you your time, energy, happiness, creativity, flow, etc. Don’t let it steal from you. Thumb your nose at it and say, “Yeah? So what? I’ll be successful without you.”

Even worse, there’s nothing like seeing someone complaining about it publicly. As if attacking the person/group/blog/establishment who is barring you from their party is going to make you look smart or clever.

Here’s a clue: It’s going to make you look like a whiner.

If you must complain, that’s what friends (real, close, trusted friends) are for… on email, phone or in person. Not your closest eleven-thousand friends on your favorite forum.

Because, if you can’t get into camp Get Over It, you’re going to be left behind in camp Can’t Get Past It.

And, guess which camp has more energy to write? 🙂


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