Killing A Cute-Meet

There are so many cute-meet myths floating around. You know, those Magic Moments that if they just happened to us we’d embark on the romance of a lifetime!

Back in college, we were driving home from the mall (Why? I have no idea. None of the girls in the car were shoppers which makes this story even weirder) when the driver rear ended the car in front of us while getting on the on-ramp.

US: Three college girls in a 12-year-old Honda Civic. It had more rust than paint. When asked what color it was, we had started actually answer “rust.”

THE OTHER GUY: In his mid-twenties and driving a fairly new BMW.

Our driver immediately assumed:

  1. He wouldn’t mind that she just rear ended him
  2. Would think she was cute
  3. Would ask her out

Of course, none of these things happened. He was actually really mad (even though there was zero damage), did not comment on her level of cuteness, and couldn’t get away from us quickly enough.

The entire ride home she complained about what an idiot he was. I did try to point out that she had hit him, but for some reason, this was irrelevant.

He was supposed to fall madly, passionately and instantly in love with her when she hit him. Didn’t he realize this? Hadn’t he seen all those movie?

Every once in a while this story pops into my head and I think, “What if he had asked out one of the girls… but not the driver?”  or “What if we’d gotten back to campus and he was our new TA?” or “What if later, he shows up in the story and he’s the villain?”

Anything, anything but the pre-subscribed cute-meet in all the movies.

Anything but listening to her complain about him not fulfilling his pre-scribed role in said cute-meet.

Anything but dealing with what happens when a romantic runs headlong into a genre stereotype and walks away with nothing.

I’d love to hear about people who did meet from a fender-bender. Save that cute-meet and share!

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