1. Bria, thank you so much for having this contest! It was a blast to be part of it! Congratulations to all the other finalists and the winner. My TBR pile has just gotten longer!

  2. Wow! Great world-building in such a short excerpt! Best of luck moving forward to publication, Diana.

  3. Wonderful! Can’t wait to read more.

  4. psst – she is a mermaid 🙂

  5. Chime got my vote every round from the beginning. EVERY. ROUND. And since I’m not a YA reader, that really throw me for a loop. The voice is fresh and the heroine is immediately likable and interesting. This first page teaser really opened up the world building and I can’t wait to one-click this book into my library.

    Any hint as to when this book will be available for purchase, Diana? *grabby hands*

    • Thank you so much, Anne! This is the best thing to hear! I can’t wait to finish writing it. LOL It’s actually Book 2 in a series I’m working on. I’ll try to finish it and revisions quickly. 😀

      • It looks like I will be needing Book 1 as well, based on the description on your website. Signed up for your newsletter so that I don’t miss out when they both go live! (Also, hi fellow AZ girl! *waves from Tucson*)

  6. Kara Lockharte says

    Loved it! This was one of my favorites from the very beginning! I’m pretty sure I voted every round for CHIME!

  7. Amazing job, congrats!

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