1. THE WESTERMAN AFFAIR, Non-Regency Historical Romance
    “Charles Westerman sipped his champagne and leaned against a yellow-veined marble column in the noisy and crowded foyer of Rutford House.”

    Hi everyone, I’m Regina Kammer, author of historical erotic romance and erotica. THE WESTERMAN AFFAIR, a tale of spanking and polyamory in the Victorian art world, is my 6th novel. I’m currently pitching it to agents.

    If you want to read any of my published books and short stories, you can find them here:

    Social media, etc.:
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    Twitter: @Kammerotica
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    Thank you to Bria for hosting this event! It was super fun and illuminating.

  2. Bria Quinlan says

    You guys already know that LIFE RIGHT NOW (YA) and RED (YA PNR) are mine.

    Red isn’t written. The first 1/3rd was written and I found myself fighting against how dark it kept going — so decisions.

    LIFE was written but put aside bc I was told NO ONE would buy a book about death…. you know, 20 months before Fault came out *sigh*

    LESSON: Walk your own path! Always!

  3. shout out your title, genre and first line again in the comments WITH your name and any links you want to share. It’s an open thread – go for it!

    Hi guys!
    I was so sad to have missed entering on one of the rounds. Favorited the wrong link…
    Anyway, mine was “Untitled #1”, Paranormal Romance. It is either going to be called Crush or Quake, but I couldn’t decide before the contest deadline. :p

    “One can hear the Earth in the absence of human noise.”

    his is book 3 in my Elemental Hearts series, the first of which (Burn) is out now, the second one (Rise) mid-May.

    Micah is one of my favorite characters so far, and I’m delighted that my lines got so much interest! I rewrote them a bit every time I advanced to the next round, and I found this contest so useful because of that. Thank you, Bria, for putting it on. And thanks to everyone who voted and participated, y’all made this a great experience.
    I loved having a sneak peak to some really good books and exploring the skills of the authors who were keeping my interest!

    Thanks. <3

  4. Kara Lockharte says

    “If you have a name, you are not a ninja.”

    So NINJA was withdrawn because I have problems reading directions and I totally missed the part where previously published works couldn’t be entered. So when I realized, I disqualified myself. NINJA was the first book I ever had published by an e-press, but recently I’ve had the rights revert back to me. I haven’t really done anything with it because well, I known I’ve grown a lot as a writer since then and the process of going back and reworking old work seems daunting. Also it’s part of a superhero romance series and since I’m writing paranormal shifter romances in space now, I’m not sure about the whole brand genre dilution thing. But it was gratifying to see how well it had done in the contest! If anyone is interested in doing a beta read of NINJA and give me feedback on improving it or even just want to read the full story please let me know that you read it in this contest at Kara at karalockharte dot com and I’ll just send it to you free 🙂

  5. Uncontrolled Hope
    “Beneath the inky black of a moonless night, Nyah Kendrick hiked through the dense Maine forest, her heart racing with anticipation of the hunt.”

    This is the second book in a paranormal series with an elite team of vampires working to keep rogue members of their species from harming humans. The first book UNCONTROLLED BURN is available through most vendors.

    I just want to give a shout out to Bria once again for hosting this contest. It was so much fun … and nerve-wracking! And I learned so much about opening lines from reading all the comments.

  6. Hell’s Paradise – Romance, Other

    “Ghost had grown accustomed to the shadows.”

    Hell’s Paradise is a different type of story for me. It’s a post-apocalyptic story that is a twisted take on Romeo and Juliet. It’s darker and grittier than what I normally write. Giovanni aka Ghost went into hiding to protect the love of his life from being hunted but comes back when she’s no safer with him gone. It’s the story of his and Nathalie working their way back to happy, fighting their enemies and surviving the chaos of life in Hell’s Paradise.

    Restaurant of Love – Contemporary Romance

    “Micah Rivard would have much rather been in the kitchen than the interview chair he was currently sitting.”

    Restaurant of Love is a reunited lovers story. It centers around the Dupree family and their family business the Dupree Restaurant Group. Micah and the heroine Kayla have a complicated history that makes their working together difficult, full of tension and with an undercurrent of deep passion.

    Neither is published yet.

    Facebook Page:

  7. AT FIRST BLUSH (Contemporary Romance)
    The door to the Happy Clam Family Restaurant blew open, bringing in a gust of cold air and the haunting ghost from Hope Windward’s past.

    Bria definitely made me hem and haw over my opening. It kind of sounds like a paranormal…but totally not! (Dead guy’s twin)

    Anywho, this series isn’t out yet, but you can find my other contemporary romances on my website or on Amazon:
    I’d love to hang out with you all on Facebook too:

    Thanks, Bria, for an awesome challenge!

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