“Other” Reasons for Self-Publishing

Yesterday I ran a poll about for indie writers about why the self-published.

The results are HERE.

But, as promised, below are the “Other” reasons people listed. I had to try to slot most of them so we could have data that made sense. So, if someone talked about money or royalties, they got slotted under “That’s where the money is” etc.

I’m leaving the poll open. Who knows, maybe another 100 people will fill it out! But, the data for the blog was collected from the 108 people who contributed. I strongly recommend checking out the comments the day of the poll as well.

And, to see my data, go to Author Rescue for my bi-monthly post HERE.


maximum control
I sold my first self-published book to a traditional publisher and made money
I’m getting older, and don’t have time to do the submission dance for years.
No time – novel already written & movie of similar theme was launching.
Story lengths not well-suited to print
To diversify. I’m still traditionally and epublishing but I want this control.
too independent for anything else
To give my out of print stories new life
Had deal before. NY agent tried to recruit me too. Saw potential of self-pub
freedom to choose my own stories and deadlines
my agent wanted my vampire horror novel to become vampire romance
To take control of my own fate.
I was told editors wouldn’t be interested in my premise.
Backlisted stuff
It is the future and I desided to put my money where my mouth was.
Retain control of my rights
Better control of my career. Better royalty rates.
I’m in complete and total control of my career.
I don’t fit the normal mold for romance. I’m too mainstream for regular romance
This seemed a quick and appropriate marketplace for a How-to-Write Book.
Having control of my books and career.
I just want people to be able to read my stories…now. That’s why I write.
Agents loved it but said that it couldn’t be marketed. I believe they’re wrong.
It’s a way to get back list books back out there.
To have control over my career.
More control over the story itself.
My first publisher dropped the ball, then dropped *me* without an explanation.
I’m too odd for publishers
I want control over my work
Money and girls
I felt the final book in my series, needed to be published. It was also my fave.
I want to reach readers, not wait for a miracle connection with a NY publisher .
wanted my readers to be able to purchase my backlist
I want control, and I don’t want anyone else to “own” my characters, etc.




  1. To diversify. I’m a tradtional published author (St. Martin’s Minotaur) but they haven’t chosen to publish everything I’ve submitted. I think it’s good, so I’ll publish it myself.

  2. I loved reading the reasons and pretty much found myself nodding at all of them. I was dropped by my publisher, still have excellent stories, and wanted to share and make a little money. That’s pretty much it!
    Barbara Phinney

    • Wow, these are all great reasons – Thanks everyone who has stopped by. I’m keeping all these links live so don’t feel like it’s “too late to chime in” here or on the original post


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