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I’m so excited to give you the new and improved book. If you don’t follow me online, let me give you the quick and dirty. The AuthorLife Planner is no more. Every year we’ll price out creating an actual planner-planner, but we found when asked that over 90% of people who used this yearly didn’t use the planner pages because…book.

The Planner Pages are free for download (the link is at the end of the book) so if you’re one of that 8%, you can still get those pages and fill them out to your heart’s delight ūüėČ

INSTEAD what this version has is a new section: Long-Term Planning. I heard over and over again that¬†people loved the¬†year, but sometimes¬†had difficulty¬†pushing that out¬†further on their own. The¬†LTP pages have a¬†5-year focus, but¬†are¬†key to helping you¬†picture the work you’ve already done leading you out¬†as far as you want down your career path.

Now, a bit of an odd note because I’ve never rec’d¬†a specific vendor before.

I *highly* recommend the Barnes & Noble color copy as the best version because the paper is heavier/thicker and the color is absolutely lovely….and the price is so much better than AMZ’s markup. It’s like $8 less (before the code below) for a better product. And, as always, we have the digital download. As suggested by several users after last year’s Selz fiasco, we’ve moved to etsy!

So, here you go – and remember: Planning happens year round. Ignore the “new year hype” and find your happy planning groove!

BN 10% of code: JANREADS (thanks Miranda Lynn)

BN color:
AMZ color:
AMZ b&W:

Download a PDF on Etsy:…/660096478/plan-like-a-bestseller

Want to see some pages first? SURE! Here’s the first couple exercises and a summary of what’s in the book: HERE

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