Plan Like A Bestseller!


Talent? CHECK!

Hard work? CHECK!

Business plan & Time Management? Ummmm….

What you need is something to help you make a plan and keep it fun, easy, and forward moving.

Plan Like a Bestseller walks you from your broadest ideas to your most passionate dreams by:

  • Discovering your core path and following it to your best success
  • Narrowing your goals and actions to stay true to your career and dreams
  • Defining your true time and manage it for the best achievements
  • Keeping your creative, business, and personal goals, plans, and schedules in one place to balance life and keep things simple
  • Holding on to your joy and making it central to your life and career

Start your journey fresh with your personalized compass and best roadmap.

Plan Like a Bestseller includes:

  • A dozen custom exercises
  • A career path simplifier
  • Simplified strategies to keep you heading in your best direction
  • A five-year planning system that builds off your success ideals
  • Wrap-Up pages that keep your goals and motivations front of mind and up to date

**** COMING SOON ****

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In the meantime, if you’re an AuthorLife alum you might be shouting, HEY! Where are the planner templates??

Well, we gotcha covered:

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