1. CHIME, YA Sci Fi says

    I opened the pantry to get a box of cereal, and my brother’s AK-47 fell over with a clang at my feet. I jerked out the magazine, pulled the bolt to check the chamber and popped out the round.
    “Mom, Nicholas left his AK loaded again,” I said and set the weapon on the stainless steel counter.
    Nicholas skidded into the kitchen, sliding on his socked feet. “Why’d you have to tell, Chime?

  2. UNCONTROLLED HOPE, Paranormal Romance says

    Beneath the inky black of a moonless night, Nyah Kendrick hiked through the dense Maine forest, her heart racing with anticipation of the hunt. The artic wind rattling the branches above her carried the clean scent of fresh snow mixed with the stench of the humans waiting to die.

    Some of her clan, including a few she hunted with tonight, felt sympathy for these weak creatures—not Nyah. Humans had ripped apart the very fabric of her existence when they slaughtered everyone she loved and left her for dead. Hatred rose up, consuming her in its darkness, until there was no other emotion save for her razor-sharp need for revenge.

  3. HIS DARK TEMPTATION, Paranormal Romance says

    Dorran took a step into the hotel room situated above one of the taverns in the Temple Bar District and cursed every undying god he knew of.

    He had been searching for his female, his mate, for almost a thousand years and she had been in this very room within the last twenty-four hours.

    And he had missed her.

    Roaring so that the generic decorations and frames on the walls rattled, he placed his palms flat against the door frame and hung his head, taking in deep breaths of the scent that electrified each and every hair on his body, that set fire to the blood rushing through his veins.

    She smelled like sea spray and a sky full of heavy rain clouds and her absence opened up a yawning ache where his heart should be.

  4. IDNIGHT’S BALANCE, Paranormal Romance says

    “If you take another Instagram snap, I’m going to feed you to the alligator.”

    She didn’t acknowledge the threat, but waved glitter tipped fingers in my direction, and continued tapping her phone in a blaze of glory.

    For the first time in 300 years, I was struck speechless by a familiar…on her first day no less.

    I snatched the slim rose gold device from her palms, and a full two seconds passed before its absence registered.

    Kids these days owned multiple electronics branded with the same tiny apples, which made me wonder if Hades himself might discover the logo stamped on their souls when they selfied their way to the Underworld.

  5. RED, YA Paranormal Romance says

    I closed my eyes and raised my nose to the wind hoping for a scent of the girl. It was there, the cloying ballroom scent of lavender…and him.

    Only instinct blocked my brothers’ familiar scents and the lightened tread of their boots on the hunt. And then, as the wind turned, it hit me–the blunt, iron scent of blood.

    I stopped, raising my bow to the ready, before signaling my brothers to halt behind me.

  6. LIFE RIGHT NOW, YA Rom Com/Chick Lit says

    “Do you think you could squeeze an entire life into one day?”

    It wasn’t the question that froze my brain–it was the girl. She was gorgeous, but it was her water drenched eyes that stopped the flip answer I’d had ready.

    “I guess that depends on why you needed to,” I said, a little worried she was going to start a full on girl-cry thing right there on the plane.

    “Sometimes the need isn’t the only reason,” she said, staring past me as the land fell away behind us.

  7. At First Blush, Contemp Romance says

    The door to the Happy Clam Family Restaurant blew open, bringing in a gust of cold air and the haunting ghost from Hope Windward’s past. Confusion and suspicion swirled in her belly, working its way up her esophagus, nearly choking her with fright. No, not him. Hope flicked the beer tap back, her hand trembling as she slid the Sam Adam’s down the bar to her customer.

    The afternoon sun reflected off the ocean, nearly blinding her, but not so much that she couldn’t make out his face.

  8. Hell's Paradise - Romance, Other says

    Ghost had grown accustomed to the shadows.
    Living in darkness had become a haven and a prison sentence.
    His job was to stop bad things before they happened to good people. He protected the innocent, even if it meant sacrificing himself, even if that made him a not so nice person, even if it was the reason he was away from her. He’d saved her or she’d saved him – how didn’t matter because there was truth in both their versions.

  9. CASANOVA EXPOSED, Contemp Romance says

    Goodbye dignity.
    Hovering over a toilet in a stall with her borrowed cocktail dress squeezed between her knees to keep it from falling in had to be the final nail in Kate Vernon’s dignity. Normally she didn’t eavesdrop, but when juicy gossip paid the bills…
    “I don’t know why you’re bothering with Mark Stanton,” the woman by the mirror said in a bored and jaded tone.
    “I’m going to have him again,” the other woman said, her voice smug as if she knew a secret the rest of womankind didn’t.

  10. UNTITLED #1, Paranormal Romance says

    One can hear the Earth in the absence of human noise.
    Here, high in the jagged mountains, the valley far below and the empty sky above, Micah could hear it whispering to him.
    Today, the Earth whispered, you are no longer alone; someone was coming up the mountain.
    And even though the Earth wasn’t alive in the same sense he was, for just a moment, he felt the presence of another Elemental in those words. Micah spread out his power like roots, into the ground below his feet, looking for confirmation of what was tingling at the edge of his senses.

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