Simplifying Series: Series & Character Bible

Are you overwhelmed by the tons of data and sheets most series bibles and character sheets have?

This one simplified to make sure you have everything you need, without tipping over into ‘creation work’ that can sometimes create busy work.


• A style guide to help you and your editors stay on the same page and consistent
• Character list that keeps all your main characters, primary characters, secondary characters, and walk-ons straight. No one ever has to do weird searches to find out the Uber driver’s name in book four ever again.
• Character sheets with all the must-know info that grows with your character’s movement through the series
• Setting sheets that allow you to easily track locations and descriptions
• Quote pages of your best and favorite lines to make those marketing pieces easier to envision
• Blurb pages to help you find just the right one-liner from your reviewers for that piece of marketing

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