Small Gestures: Crossing the Street

I was coming down the street, walking, groceries in hand when I saw what was probably going to be the most horrific accident of my life waiting to happen.

On the opposite side of a busy street, an elderly woman with a walker was waiting for someone to stop and let her use the crosswalk. I didn’t start to worry until she eased her walker down over the curb as none of the cars on her side stopped to let her go.

Coming from the other direction, a compact car had already stopped, forcing those behind him to wait in hopes someone coming from the other direction would stop for her.

They didn’t.

When he saw her push that walker over the edge, he did something ridiculously brave.

He got out of his car and started pointing and waving at the oncoming cars to stop.

It took four more cars for someone to bother.

He then walked across the street, helped her to the other sidewalk, made sure she was okay before he got back in his car and zoomed away.

Such a little thing, stopping your car. Such a big thing to reach out to a stranger in need.

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