Staying up to date without getting more emails!

After a poll I did this spring asking how readers want to hear about what their authors are up to, I’ve set up a closed group. 

This definitely isn’t a street team as I won’t be asking you to do anything!

What it is: 
A place to hear about new releases, sales, current projects, and general book chatter.

Basically, it’s the info you want showing up in your feed when it’s relevant.

If you’d like to be invited on in, just let me know HERE.




  1. Will you also continue sending e-mail? I’d love to stay up to date, but don’t tend to watch Facebook very much. . .

    • Bria Quinlan says

      Absolutely! This is about making things easier to find for people. I’ll be sending emails out later to let people know they can get into the facebook group and opt out of emails if they want OR stay where they are.


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