Stop Making It A Big Deal

Every week A Writer comes forward on some blog or news site to talk about how they’ve been won over! Going Indie is not evil! In fact, they think everyone should look into going indie or hybrid or some version of self-publishing perhaps on their blog with shorts or serials!

The problem is, like any time you have a “I’m okay with it” topic –>  you know everyone’s not okay with it if people have to keep telling you HOW okay with it they are. There seem to be a lot of justification going on for going Indie.

As if “I decided it was what was best for my career and my readers” wasn’t enough.

Instead, we keep having these big “Well, now *I* see the light so it’s the right thing to do” article somewhere.

Here’s the truth: You want Indie to be respected, to be the equivalent for readers? Then we all need to stop treating it like it’s this special decision we made. Like it was anything other than the best decision for our writing careers and readers.

I publish Indie. I also have an agent and I’ll be honest, we would not sneeze at a NY deal without seriously considering it. Both have ups. Both have downs (Check out @sara_ramsey tweets yesterday from #RT13 about Self-Pub V Trad for some big names discussing those). Both are publishing.

There will one day come a day when we don’t have to ANNOUNCE we’re going Indie or explain (read: Justify) our reasoning.

That path starts with each of us. Let’s hope that soon Trad writers with enough of a following to get article space will embrace their decision and leave off with this “apologize later” form of publicity.



  1. Well said!

  2. Especially considering that to readers, it is a good book that matters, not how that book was published! Unless they’re book snobs but we don’t talk about them.

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