Indie Panel – Day 2

You met the amazing panel last Friday and got to read DAY ONE on Monday. I’ve been getting a lot of little notes about how excited people are to dive into some of the deeper questions. Meet the Panel DAY 1:  Why they did it AND Who should consider it DAY 2:  Editors (who, what why) AND Finding your vendors DAY 3:  Processes & Timelines DAY 4: Promotion DAY 5: Resources DAY 6: Things I’d do differently & Myths and Advice {Read More}

The Last Single Girl ~~Cover Reveal~~

Check it out! I’m so darn excited about my new cover. It was done by Go On Write which has quickly become one of my favorite websites to peruse. A few quick things for those who have been asking since I’m still working on the blurb: This is nota Theories in Love book so no Jenna or her gang It is loosely connected (which you’ll how see in later TiL books) It’s about 22k — or, in NY Publishing speak {Read More}

Covers… Or, what were they thinking?

Let’s be honest, the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is tossed around for a reason. And who doesn’t? We all do. You pick a book up because of is cover. Sometimes you put it down because of the cover. Even a great blurb often can’t get a reader past a really bad cover. Now, as an indie writer, I think that holds true even more. How often has a NY published friend cried over her cover to {Read More}