Goodreads Similar Author Links

My readers ROCK. Apparently on Goodreads if you click on “similar authors” for my books/me nothing comes up. I think we all know I’m just not that unique (although a message that says “No one is like Bria” would have been fun.) So, a reader emailed support about why her link didn’t work. Talk about above and beyond. This is Goodread’s response (which Reader emailed to me) and I found it really interesting so I thought I’d share: Thanks for {Read More}

Favorite Goodreads Misunderstanding… EVER

I know Goodreads is a hot discussion topic all around. Everyone feels strongly about how to use it. Do you chat with reviewers? Do you even read your reviews? A friend of mine has teenagers (trust me, this is going somewhere.) She once said that their rooms were like this magical place that while, somehow being INSIDE the house, aren’t really part of the house. That’s how I’ve typically treated reviews. I know when I used to write reviews, I {Read More}