Inside A Grass Roots Marketing Campaign with Jeannie Lin

FLASHBACK!!!! In 2010 Jeannie Lin wrote this amazing article for my blog. I’ve been asked about it since transferring over to the new site, so here it is. Enjoy!   JEANNIE’S 2014 DISCLAIMER: The publishing and bookish world moves fast & most of the specifics here are outdated.¬†¬†Please take this as food for thought and not a road map. P.S. Jeannie is long overdue for a recap post that she promised in 2013.   ETA: Jeannie has added some great {Read More}

Risk – What Is it?

I’ve been seeing a lot of discussions online (in several different places) about the “risks” writers are taking and most of the time I wander away shaking my head. I finally broke down and tweeted it: There is no risk in not selling. I got a few Exactly!s and a few What does that even mean??s. This is what I mean: The writing is the risk. Everything else is just what you do to get the word out. And, that’s {Read More}