Favorite Goodreads Misunderstanding… EVER

I know Goodreads is a hot discussion topic all around. Everyone feels strongly about how to use it. Do you chat with reviewers? Do you even read your reviews? A friend of mine has teenagers (trust me, this is going somewhere.) She once said that their rooms were like this magical place that while, somehow being INSIDE the house, aren’t really part of the house. That’s how I’ve typically treated reviews. I know when I used to write reviews, I {Read More}

REVIEWS – Where & What

Yesterday on Twitter I had a great conversation with some other writers about reviews, where they do the most good, what the “most good” is and why it’s different for everyone. For me (personally, not for the group) I find that my Goodreads reviews give me the most sales. Yes, sales. Does that mean they do the most good? I don’t know, listen for a second and then tell me what you think. Whenever I get a good GR review, {Read More}