2016 Prep – Part Four

Part One Part Two Part Three Ok, you’ve done a lot of work, but you didn’t write any goals… but, now you have goals. The quick check you need to do is to see if what’s in your large 2016 section can be done viably this year. I usually don’t do that until February. The turning of a year is filled with so much optimism (and unset deadlines) that knowing what’s going to fit isn’t always doable. BUT, in a {Read More}

2016 Prep – Part Two

Welcome back for Part Two of 2016 Prep. If you didn’t already, check out Part One HERE. So, you did your brainstorming and you have a list of possible and impossible ideas. Keep that around. At the very least, take a picture of it because you even when we’re done with it for now, the impossible doesn’t always stay that way. So, the next thing we’re going to do I create your deciding factors. Don’t worry, we’re not to goals {Read More}