Wreckless Author Read

Did you miss it? Still curious what was said? Want to add a question at the end? CHECK IT OUT HERE.   


Wreckless is a reader favorite and I find myself getting lots of questions about it still. I thought a fun way to answer some of those, tell you some obscure facts, and annotate the book for everyone would be to do a read-along! Wootoot! So, how will it work? I’ll be reading (ok, rereading…but it’s been a few YEARS!) Wreckless and commenting on Goodreads on my status update. I’d love for you go read along and comment too. I’ll be {Read More}

Choice Awards Nomination

I’m so excited that SECRET GIRLFRIEND has been nominated for a Choice Award on YABCentral! Obviously it’s hanging out there with some Heavy Hitters, but just being on that list is so cool. I should get a screenshot of Girlfriend chilling with the cool kids! If you read Secret Girlfriend and liked it, please consider heading over to the site to vote. It’s 1/2 way down the page under YOUNG ADULT/Contemp Romance HERE.   On that note, thank you to {Read More}