Secret Life – ON SALE THIS WEEK!

 THIS WEEK ONLY – $0.99   Rachel Wells is a liar—big time. No one outside her family knows about the panic attacks or meds, the weekly therapy drive-bys or the “safe” outfit. If she could hide it all from her string of ex-boyfriends and her best friend Amy, then why should anything change? But, when the one guy as messed up as she is blackmails her into helping him, life goes from closely restrained to out of control. Sometimes choosing {Read More}

$0.99 YA Box Set – RVHS Secrets

EVERYONE KEEPS SECRETS The RVHS Secrets Box Set, where everyone has something to hide. Why pay $4.99 EACH when they’re $0.99 for both thru Wednesday!   SECRET GIRLFRIEND Amy has felt invisible since her mom died and her father all but disappeared. Undeserving love, she’s shocked with the boy of her dreams finally notices her and makes a bargain she should probably walk from. But everything is going great…until Luke Parker shows up and ruins everything. SECRET LIFE Rachel is {Read More}

WRECKLESS – Audio!!!

I am so stinking excited to let you guys know that in late Spring WRECKLESS will be out in audio. Beyond “Will Wreckless every be a movie?” and “Is there a sequel?” this is the most asked question. (Answers: Not unless you know someone. Who knows, maybe? and now YES! Late Spring!)   I’m thrilled with the sample I’ve heard and can’t wait to get the rest! A small group of my peeps heard it as well (to make sure {Read More}

Books You Might Not Hear About bc the YA Rita Was Canceled

Yes, that’s a long title, but unfortunately it’s true. The YA RITA category was canceled due to not making the 5% minimum of the all the entries. And yet, every year people find some of their favorite new reads by watching that list. I’ve had a few readers ask me who they can email. Unfortunately, that’s just the rules and it is what it is. BUT, wow. Readers. How much do I love readers! People have been asking me how {Read More}