The New Hobby

I haven’t blogged in forever, so I thought, HEY! Why not blog about your new hobby! (or ? depending on your grammar bent)

I’ve been looking for something that gets me out of the house, I can do alone since most of my buddies are 1+ hours away, and doesn’t involve writing, editing, or designing.

I started thinking about what I love to do. The list was surprisingly long, but “eat pizza” wasn’t going to cut it because…well, thighs.

But I realized one of the things I LOVE is helping friends find amazing deals. One of the things I miss about my girls in Boston is going Thrifting and convincing them that this $90 shirt for $4 is an awesome deal even tho they might HAVE TO WASH IT *gasp*

And of course, my kick but Swap Parties you guys always heard about.


I’m so excited guys! I’ve been hitting up estate sales and buyers sites and thrifting looking to set up my Poshmark store.

So far I’ve found a Coach bag (that has some wear, so I put it on craigslist), a Fossil summer shoulder tote I’M IN LOVE WITH, and a BCBG sparkly clutch that…okay, I’ll admit it, I might not be able to part with.

I keep hearing to have 100 things before you get started… I’m 2% of the way there! Just a peek at what they are:

FOSSIL STYLE My bag is a cute straw weave with green patent leather detailing – LOVE

  BCBG SILVER BEADED CLUTCH Has gorgeous light wire over the shoulder strap too!





  1. So cool! Sounds like a fun hobby (AND u get money!)
    The bag looks awesome!
    um…er…the silver doesn’t look too silver… (maybe in more light?)

    • Bria Quinlan says:

      Yeah – that’s a gold one. I couldn’t find a silver one – I haven’t taken my own pictures yet – but I LOVE sale shopping! I’m hitting two estate sales this weekend 🙂

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