The Plan Cycle

One of the most common questions I get about the Zero to Planned workshop is, What makes it different?

I think there are several things, but the one that really resonates with people is the new Plan Cycle we create.

Most plan cycles look like this:


This is a traditional cycle. This cycle works on a lot of levels. That’s why it’s been around so long. But, it doesn’t always work on the layers we want.

Goals are great. I love goals. But sometimes our goals aren’t really where we want to end up. Or we’re running off expected goals. It’s easy to get in a cycle that leads you to where you aim: the goal.

But, what happens if the goal isn’t the best place to finish?

I come at this from a different angle. One that I hope gets you not only to an endpoint–it gets you to the endpoint that brings you what you value most.

To get there, my Plan Cycle looks like this:


If necessary, repeating from the beginning.

How do we get those priorities in place?

We focus the first several workshops on digging deep to create, define, and apply what I call our individualized Guiding Principles.

These give you the staring point that makes the entire structure of Zero to Planned work. Doing this ensures we’re all running the right race so we cross the right finish line.

It’s too often that we stay on the wrong track — even if the wrong track is running close and parallel to the right one. The aim of the Guiding Principles is to continually check the map and stay on our perfect path.

Perfect Paths don’t just happen. And, that’s why we need the Plan Cycle that’s right for us –> the one that always leads to the right endpoint.


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