When Do You Put a ‘Best Seller’ Note On?

Recently I had an amazing run with my story It’s in His Kiss and had some really great outcomes:

Yup, that’s KISS at #1 in its sub-category! That was a pretty awesome day.

Followed up quickly by this:

KISS made it into the Top 50 in Contemporary Romance, its main category, for both the ebooks and the overall category.

I danced. I shouted. I took screen shots. I just waved when my co-workers looked at me funny during the dancing and shouting.

Someone mentioned I needed to add “Best Seller” to the cover. That got me wondering –> Is this enough? Is this the new Best Seller? Have I been so brainwashed by old-school publishing that I can’t accept it? It was a best seller on Amazon, our number one seller of books. Is that what matters now? Am I qualified to Amazon Best Seller on there?

Should I, I don’t know.

So, I ask you to chime in! What makes a best seller NOW? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments too. I’m famously nosy 😉



  1. Terry Tyler says

    I get a tad fed up with seeing books claiming that they are ‘Amazon Best Sellers’ because they have been in the top ten of a free download genre chart, or something! I do, however, understand that yours is no. 1 in a paid genre chart, which is a bit different! I tend to automatically disbelieve someone who gives themselves this tag, though; several times I have checked them out to find they are about 40K in the main chart and at 72 in a genre chart, or something!

    I’ve been top of a genre chart, once… for 4 whole days… and I couldn’t actually bring myself to call my book an ‘Amazon bestseller’. I thought it seemed misleading, and a bit like those who claim to be ‘taking Amazon by storm’ when they’ve sold five books that day!!!

    However, this is just me – yes, I would say you are qualified to give yourself this tag! I daresay for every one person who thinks as I do, there are 10 that will think, ooh, must be good then – do it! 🙂

    • No, I know what you mean. Even though we all know every Best Seller times out eventually (no matter what list they’re on) it’s kind of like how Nicholas Cage is Oscar winner. Yeah, a while ago…and dude, it’s Nicholas Cage. So you say that and people go, REALLY? HE IS?

      I don’t want to be the Amazon Contemporary Romance Nicholas Cage 😉

  2. First, let me say that it’s about time! I really loved this book. As a reader who is also a big time browser, I do pay attention to this designation. But, I also really pay attention to the reviews. If a book has an “Amazon Bestseller” note and the overwhelming majority of the reviews tank the book then I usually pass. His Kiss delivers and deserves to be recognized for what it is – a bestseller in its sub-category.


    • OH, Stephanie – Thank you for the kind, kind words. They made my morning!

      I actually brought this up at dinner last night with some girlfriends and in the end, came up with something I believe feels right for me. The happy medium: Maybe post it on the book page (which is going to need updating soon. I really need to be better at planning!) and save the “Amazon Best Seller” cover stuff for when I one day *crosses fingers and wishes for the best* hit the overall Amazon Top 100 list. This feels more in line with the spirit of Best Seller.

      As for reviews – OMGOSH! YES! I love people who take the time to review books. They’ve probably saved me a bazillion dollars *slight exaggeration alert* and also convinced me to try books I would have passed up because of poorly written/boring blurbs. VIVA LA REVIEWS!

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