When You Get Awesome Emails

I’ve gotten a couple emails over the last week asking about more stories. WOW! That’s always exciting. The emails also asked if my next stories would have Ben & Jenna and if they’d be as short.

So, here goes:

I’m hoping to have 2 stories out at the turn of the year. Both will still be in the Theories in Love series, so yes there will be more Ben & Jenna. Will we get another story just about them? That’s a definite…. I don’t know.

I know, not the answer people are looking for when they ask.

Will the next stories be as short? No. They’ll be around 50,000 words (or, in NY publishing speak about 200 pages – It’s in His Kiss was only 11,000 words to give you a comparison.)

Why do I write short? Well, one I love a quick read. I’m constantly looking for great short writers who can tell me a great little story and I know it won’t keep me up till 4am, but still give me that reader high (I know, it’s such an addiction, right???) (If you have suggestions, throw them in the comments!)

Also, because of certain writerly obligations elsewhere, I need to keep my stuff at the novella length for now.

I’ve been completely blown away by the response to KISS this summer. Apparently I’m not the only one who enjoys quick reads in the sunshine. I’d also like to thank all the ENT readers who spotted it on the kindle bargain page in September and gave me a shot. Thanks to everyone who went on to review it on goodreads and Amazon. I know that those reviews are 100% of the reason anyone picks my story up in the first place!


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