Craft & Writing Life Workshops

Bria Quinlan & Jeannie Lin have a set of workshops they do for conferences and small groups as well as a book on voice, Finding Your Writer’s Voice.

In addition, you can contact us about pricing for full-day and weekend costs.

Check out what we do in our time on the road:

Finding Your Voice and Making It Heard (Bria & Jeannie)

VOICE. That IT factor. The Holy Grail. Every writer has one. Every writer knows what it is, but not everyone can put their finger on how to develop it. Join Jeannie Lin and Bria Quinlan, two award-winning and bestselling authors, as they chase down this elusive element. This workshop discusses concrete tips and techniques for finding and enhancing your writing voice so that it emerges, not merely as unique, but as a compelling force that has readers turning the pages for more.

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary: Worldbuilding for non-SFF writers (Bria & Jeannie)

Worldbuilding – The mind immediately leaps to fantastic settings and altered realities, but the care and craft needed to construct so-called “ordinary” worlds cannot be overlooked. Join two bestselling and award-winning authors, Bria Quinlan and Jeannie Lin, as they dig deep into the process of building rich, imaginative worlds and the characters that live in them without the aid of super powers, magical creatures, or the apocalypse.

Writing Short (Bria)

Longer form genres are catching on to what SFF writers have known for a long time: Writing short can be a fascinating and lucrative way to write. Bria Quinlan walks through the ways to get the most out of the fewest words.

Hooks & Anchors (Bria)

Do you want to suck readers in immediately and keep them reading?

Are you tired of hearing that your action-packed open started too slowly OR that your slow burn was “hard to get into”?

Are you using mental movies to destroy reader exhaustion and keep those pages turning?

Want to make every scene open fresh and hot and ready to roll?

We’ll handle all of this and more in Hooks and Anchors.

The course will be through Teachable, but there will be an AuthorLife closed group where you can discuss your options, share your insights, and ask any questions you might have.

Using Theme to Strengthen and Structure Plot: A workshop for plotters and pantsters (Jeannie)

You don’t have to be a hardcore plotter with outlines and storyboards and spreadsheets to create an intricately woven story. Whether your story is barely a glimmer in our eye, or completed and in the midst of revisions, tackling your manuscript using a thematic approach will tighten those story threads, flesh out subplots, and spin your little tale into a larger story. The final product will look as if you planned it all from the beginning.

Opposites Attract – Working with Your Foil (Bria & Jeannie)

Writers want people to agree with them while making them better. Jeannie Lin and Bria Quinlan have found that beating the crap out of each other has worked better for them. What happens when a historical writing, lush prose crafting plotter meets an off the cuff, fast-paced, rompy rom com pantser?


Boot Camp for Newbie Writers (Bria & Jeannie)

Just starting out is one of the most fun times to be a writer…and one of the most confusing. We’ll talk about everything from managing your time and energy, deciding about passions and paths, and getting over your fears.

This is an ask us anything chat. Bring your questions and we’ll try to give you answers that don’t suck.