Zero to Planned


Can I gift a workshop?

Yes. We currently do not have gift cards, but we can make sure you’re invoiced for someone else’s course.

Who is the course for?

Anyone looking to really deeply examine their own goals and to build strong plans from them.

Who is this course not for?

If you’re someone who already has a powerful plan and the ability to self-examine it, this course probably isn’t for you. We’ll deal a lot with question our own beliefs and awareness about how we’re doing things.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have the time, energy, or willingness to do that right now, this probably isn’t for you.

My hope is that everyone how joins the workshop joins it at the exact right time for them.

How much does it cost and what’s included?

It includes the 8 classes over 4 weeks and the workbook. The cost is $150.

Do you have other workshops planned?

We’re in the works to kick off another workshop in the next six months that will dovetail with the planning and goals workshop. If you’re interested in hearing about it, be sure to check that box in the form above.

Do I have to sign up for the 6-month follow up right away?

Nope. Most people don’t know if they want a refresher until they’re at about that point and are looking to talk through adjustments. Any time after 6-months is a good time to review your own plans.

What does the Follow-Up consist of?

Two 1-hour phone conversations  to review what’s working, what’s not, and brainstorm how to make your personal plan, goals, and set-up work better for you. The cost total is $100.

Do you have a refund policy?

We’ll refund 100% of the course cost before the second class.

Do you add my info to your personal mailing lists?

Absolutely not. While we’d love for people to give our books a try, we hate spam as much as the next person.


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