Zero to Planned



But, Bria… What exactly will we do?

We’re going to start with Discovery –> Using a fun and simple workbook, we’ll dig deep into who you are and what you really want. Be ready to surprise yourself!

Once we’ve dug deep, we’re going to build a solid Foundation based on reality. No should’ve-could’ve-would’ves here. It’s time to listen to ourselves to build a power plan.

Using the tools we built organically, we’ll translate our Foundation into a Business Plan for Creatives. 

Still nervous? Don’t worry! I’ll make sure it’s fun and easy by walking you through things like

Creating your Guiding Principals

Building your Marketing Pyramid

Growing your Core Audience Targets

Assigning your Tasks & Processes

And that’s just where we start?

There’s no reason to be overwhelmed because we Baby Step our way through each and every layer of Discovery.

But we don’t stop there!

When we’re done, you’ll walk away with not only a Business Plan specifically designed for Creative People, but a Structure to help you manage your short- and long-term goals…. one that’s just for you!

Think of it as getting designer jeans to size instead of off the rack.

You’ll never look so good in your Great Fitting Goals!

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