WRECKLESS – Cover Reveal

I’ve been dying to show this thing off all week. It gave me goosebumps the first time I saw it and when my paper ARC came I just kept patting the cover…. sooooo pretty.

But, it was really different than what I’d had in mind. People talk about how you have all this control when you go indie, but in some ways, I feel like it’s really a practice in relinquishing control. I am not a pre-visual person. Show me a draft and I can usually see the flaws, but ask me to design something and you are out of luck.

Designers have very special brains.

While I was writing Wreckless,  I saw the cover something like this:

I was pretty sure it would be Jake on the cover looking all manly.

Instead of the cowboy hat, change that puppy to a black military cap and that’s pretty much what I thought I’d want.

Poor Sarah at Okay Creations had to deal with that as my expectations.

She went directly to asking about my heroine.

One thing everyone who had read the book said was, “Bridget needs to be in the red dress on the cover.”

I ask Sarah if that was possible AND if she could be blond and I think I may have panicked at all of that. It seemed impossible to get something perfect for this. But, she got it in one.

You see, Bridget’s story isn’t just about a crazy night of teen rebellion OR about over-coming an unimaginable to become your own person, it’s also an ugly duckling story in a lot of ways… if only in Bridget’s own head.

And so, instead of Jake on the cover, it’s our girl Bridget. And, now that I’ve seen it, I feel a little guilty for ever thinking about putting him without her. Yes, he may push and manipulate her throughout the night and really drive some of the insanity, but this story, this growth and becoming, is truly Bridget’s story.

So, thanks to Sarah for giving Bridget such a gorgeous cover which she completely deserves. I hope you love it as much as I do!


How much do you love it? It’s not just me? Right? *hugs cover*

But, what’s it about?

Wreckless…Where obsession and rebellion collide.

Bridget Larson’s never met a rule she didn’t like. Drawing inside the lines isn’t just a way of life – it’s the only way she can make it through the day. And through it all her BFF Leah has stood inside those lines and weathered the unspeakable with her. Then Bridget catches her boyfriend with Leah–and the last thing on her mind is staying safe.

Salvation… A bad boy and his jacked up pickup.

Jake Moore was everything she needed and nothing he claimed to be. With one night of freedom and a spontaneously scribbled Rebellion List, Jake leads Bridget down every path she thought was forbidden… And into the one place she’d thought was lost to her forever.


Want to add it to your Goodreads page? Do that HERE.

And if you’re wondering when it should be out… I’m loading everything up and expecting that (unless the vendors all go insane) you should be able to get it this Thursday!



  1. Absolutely STUNNING! Congratulations!!!

  2. Gorgeous cover!

  3. LOVE it!!!!!!!!

  4. I am going to MARRY this cover!!!!!!! But, shhh, don’t tell my husband. He might not understand.

    • Bria Quinlan says

      I DO love this cover, but I’m not sure the cover is as creative and handy as your husband….

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