WRECKLESS – Pre-Release Giveaway


Yeah, I never know either… BUT, maybe you do!

Just comment with a caption for the picture for a chance to win a copy of WRECKLESS.

A super-secret judge will be picking her favorite caption.

Keep it PG folks, this is a YA show 🙂



Wine Guy had a few things to say about this contest:

1. Bria, how do you talk me into these things… besides just doing them and then telling me after the fact?

2. You guys are really funny!

3. Just a reminder: Bria and I aren’t dating. I’m completely single.

He picked: MACKENZILEE: “Where obsession and rebellion collide…” Sounds like my love of the Red Sox.

But, what was he REALLY thinking? He claims:

Huh? Wonder what I should grill for dinner tonight.


  1. Hold the phone! He wore what?!

  2. “Geeze, I never knew THAT’s what she was writing about.”

  3. Rhonda Helms says

    So THAT’S the right response when a girl asks if these pants make her look fat. Gotcha.

  4. Wait! What? That’s the way a girl wants us to respond in that situation? Maybe I need to start taking notes….

  5. “Where obsession and rebellion collide….”
    Sounds like my love of the Red Sox.

  6. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but it looks like he’s trying to look up her skirt. tee hee!

  7. This book is smoking HOT! Good thing nobody can see my flushed face behind this cover!

  8. “Awesome, the Red Sox are up 3-0… now where was I? Ah yes, “who doesn’t love surprises…'”

  9. “I thought this was supposed to be a sweet romance. WHERE’S THE SWEETNESS?!”

  10. This book is so good I don’t even have to sneak something different between the pages.

  11. When does the Kindle version go live? I can’t stop reading, but there’s no way I’m going to the game tonight with this book in my hand.


  12. Saucy.

  13. Oh man. Oh man. I’m feeling all the feels.

  14. The game is gonna have to wait until after I finish reading this next chapter. It’s starting to get good.

  15. “Hope she doesn’t notice the comic I’m REALLY reading”

  16. “Wait until the guys find out I’m the inspiration behind all these smoking hot love scenes.”

  17. What really….you can do that and they won’t get pissed off? Hmmmm (makes mental note)

  18. I *still* think she spelled Reckless wrong…

  19. So that’s the reason why she is frisky after reading! Must get her more books

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