Zero to Planned Update

I’m having a ball with the newly re-created Zero to Planned workshop. The second group is halfway through their month and going along really well. I love the Ah-Ha moments and epiphanies. Every group teaches me something new too!

I also just scrapped the original pages and put up some better, more informative pages to show what it’s all about. Lots of designing going on over there…me! Being quasi-visually-creative *flails*

March 7th is coming up quickly and I’m offering a special deal for Samhain authors who are looking to regroup after their news this past week.

If you’re a Samhain author, I’m offering to drop the typical cost of $150 to $99 for the group that starts on March 7th. Just put BCQSamhain in your form and the invoice will be adjusted automatically.

I’m also thinking of doing a quick periscope next month about time and goal management – anything you’d like to hear about?


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