Dear Reader, Wreckless

Wreckless_iBooksDear Reader,

Since this was my first YA published, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it. Questions about if I’ve known someone who has killed herself or been raped (yes and yes). If I’ve been assaulted (no, and I realize I’m blessed and lucky). If I all my YA books are about issues like these (so far, my contemps all are). Do I know where I can find a Jake Moore (no, but really? You guys forgave him pretty darn quickly! 😉 ).

But of all the comments and questions I get, none surprise me as much as those about Tanner’s growth off the page.

This is one of the hard parts of writing 1st person stories. Things that are obvious to Bridget and me may not be to other readers.

To us… er, me?… there are points in your life where you screw up so big time that there are truly only two options: Learn The Big Lesson or Learn Nothing Because You’re A Complete Idiot.

Tanner fell into the first group. He hurt a lot of people, humiliated girls he cared about, alienated peers, and lost something he really wanted. He’s not dumb. He realized this was all through his own selfishness and basically being an idiot boy to the 17th degree.

He learned The Big Lesson.

Which has brought up the question: Will Tanner Get A Book?

I already know I’d love to tell the story from his POV. I typically don’t care for re-tellings, but since he and Bridget were together for like 6 pages, it would obviously be a very different night.

But then I realized there was more to the story. There was Leah. Period.

But, there’s no Tanner without Leah… and complications and consequences can have really long reaches.

And, while a few people are like (and this is a direct quote) I’m okay with Tanner just staying a douche in my head, no one seems to want to know about Leah.

So, will they each get a book? What order would those stories be best told in? Does anyone besides me care?

Maybe. Not what I’d thought. Probably not.

That’s one of the struggles of writing: Not every story is one readers want to have. 

But,  I have a schedule of putting out 5 more books over the next 9-12 months in my new series (Ridge View Secrets) and then we’ll see.

And, as for Leah… Well, if she gets to tell her story I think it will be a surprise. No one is ever who we think they are from a distance, are they?