1. Congratulations! The tone reminds me alot of Kresley Cole.

  2. This was really good and one of my faves! Can’t wait to read the rest, good job Anne!

  3. Lynn Gordon says

    With these opening lines and introductions to the characters, it sounds very much like what I began reading in my early teens! Always suspenseful. Always on edge waiting for the next moment in their lives and what it would include. Knowing I was never disappointed in what I was reading. Knowing the characters as though they lived in my house! Keeping my attention fixed so that there were nights I could not, would not, sleep until I forced myself to read only to the next chapter and then try to turn off my mind and body enough to sleep. Looking forward to the next day that promised a regal escape into another dimension that I wished I could be sucked into through the pages! VERY FINE WORK, MY DAUGHTER!! Writing, and certainly reading, are in your DNA!! I spent my youth in Scotland running from gunrunners, in Maine waiting for tall, white sails to come in from the sea, and fighting alongside charismatic pirates who always got the girl (me). You have a wonderful gift for writing! And I am proud of you for reaching for the stars– AND GRABBING THEM!! I wait to read what comes from your creative imagination in the months and years to come as you take this adventure in writing to new heights and your readers to new expeditions into the unknown!!

  4. Better late than never. Congratulations to all the finalists and the winner. It was my favorite! And, thank you, Bria, for taking the time to arrange this. I learned a lot.

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