Being ‘In’ With the Books

I’ve been getting emails and tweets this week after the free day for The Last Single Girl with a bunch of questions, so here goes:

1. Yes! I just started a mailing list *points to the right side of the screen* I will only email you when a new book or story is coming out and I won’t give your emails to anyone else.

2. The next 2 books are about getting close to done. They’re both about 50k. They’re both in the Theories in Love series, so more Ben and Jenna although they aren’t the main couple. These heroines are, while still quirky, less of the underdog than Jenna or Sarah. Now that Jenna’s on the scene being a good friend, there’s less girlfriend pain.

I guess, I’m drawn to the girlfriend relationships  – They bring us so much joy, relief, heartache and betrayal that sometimes the boys in the story are really just a bonus. But, the next two books definitely don’t go down that path.

It is weird that both Jenna & Sarah struggled with a less-than-great girlfriend situation, but when I wrote the books, the two I’m finishing now were written between KISS and Last Single Girl, so it was less “Oh, Caitie writes about girlfriends” than it feels now. 😉

3. The next books are longer. Because of other writing stuff going on, I can’t give you guys any fulls right now, but these are just short of some of the category lengths. It’s been interesting trying to maintain that level of hilarity at that length without being absurd or threatening to exhaust the reader. BUT, it’s been a whole different type of fun.

4. YES! You will also be seeing more Sarah and John and we’ll be hanging at The Brew Ha Ha for books to come! Seriously, I want to own The Brew, then you could all come there for book club!

Special #5. The winter is slow for romance sales and I know that each and every sale I get is because one of you told a friend or gave Kiss or Last Girl a good review somewhere. I love my readers. They’re awesome and I want to say THANK YOU for that!


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