First Big Step: The Cover

I had a deadline rush up for my other world and had to put my Short on hold for a bit. Revisions seem to be working at cross-purposes time wise.

But, the other revisions are done, the deadline was met, the next round has been started and so I can play around with my lovely pet project again.

I’d wanted to make a cover. We’d designed it and even sucked two friends into being our models.  Oh, and explaining to the local Irish Pub why we’d be in during a Sunday (pre-session hopefully) to shoot pictures in front of their bar.

There’s nothing like a Boston Irish Pub to let you get away with just about anything. No, seriously. Just. About. Anything.

Moving on.

When the deadline thingy happened the cover got pushed aside.

The downside of this was I was hoping to go live before the RWA conference so that I could do a little giveaway deal for the promo room. Nothing big and splash (if I can pull it together, I”ll be blogging about that next) and then I saw an amazing sale for a pre-made cover. It was cute, had the right feel and was $22.

At this point, those were HUGE plusses for someone desperately trying to get everything done before RWA in 2 weeks.

So, dear reader, I bought it. Hopefully the Short goes live in a week. Oh, yeah, and I also have a title and tagline. Ready?

IT’S IN HIS KISS: Research has never been so fun.


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