Goodreads, The Thrill Is Gone

So, I thought (as you saw from my earlier posts) that I’d do a Goodreads giveaway. This seemed like a great idea for a bunch of reasons: build interest, connect with people who read what I write, get to give stuff away…. So, off I went.

Only, Goodreads won’t let you giveaway your book if it’s only in electronic format.

I can’t tell you how surprised I was by this. Honestly, I thought that we’d alllll moved beyond the “real book” syndrome, but maybe I’m wrong.

I’m hoping two things:

First, that Goodreads has a great reason for this so that the thrill can return.

Second, that there’s a work-around I don’t know about. I’m trying to get into a new forum where I can ask.

Hopefully, someone knows — if you do, shout it out. If not, look for another post on this soon confirming or talking about the work around.

Moving ooooonnnn down the road… Oops, Muppet Moment.

I was asked on twitter this week if I’ll be talking actual numbers. Yes, yes I will. You’ll see that coming soon, as well as maybe some review statistics if that’s viable.

Another question asked: Are you still having fun? The answer: Absolutely, as long as you don’t count any time I spent trying to deal with Smashwords. I’d love to get KISS up on Smashwords, but their number one suggestion is to strip all code and start from scratch…Unfortunately as someone who is in love with the em-dash and italics, I get a little ill just thinking about it.

More to come on Smashwords too.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to share first kiss stories – they were definitely worth reading!



  1. If you’re not a member of LibraryThing, you should look into it. I was a member a few years back, dropped out, and rejoined recently. They have a new feature that lets you give away copies of your book for review. The majority of those being offered are ebooks! I haven’t listed too many books on my shelves yet, but it could be worth it to participate there with reviews, etc. I’ll be copying some of my Goodreads reviews over to LibraryThing, little by little. Just little steps in making yourself known, but they all help.

  2. Goodreads is considering adding ebooks to the giveaways. They did run one test case, but I haven’t heard the results. Reading the official Feedback and Author Feedback groups could provide more information. Those are the best places for questions.

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