1. I’m still most interested in the same ones as the last round (Chime and Life After Now), but I find it interesting that I’m becoming more interested in a few that hadn’t really been at the top of my list before (Midnight’s Balance’s newest line made me snort). And one that I voted for in round one is still good, but it’s not holding my attention as much as it did with the first line (Casanova Exposed — which is not to say it’s not still good). And quite honestly, I think every entry in this round was interesting in some way for me, which I couldn’t have said for every entry in even the previous round. But at the same time, there were a few that I was intrigued by that didn’t make my top two last time that didn’t make it to this round, so it’s funny how being forced to just choose 2 sometimes means that some very good stories don’t make it further on. And now I’m just rambling.

  2. Robin Hillyer-Miles says

    I only discovered this contest in round 4 and now I’m hooked!

  3. Getting to this many lines, you can really see how well crafted each line in each story is. Very, very hard to chose, because they are all winners in their own way. My cursor wavered back and forth on this vote.

  4. Boo, my favorite got knocked out this past round. Love seeing the stories take shape and the author’s getting into the story.

  5. I’m glad to see my favorite since the beginning is still in the running. Had to pick a new second favorite but that was okay, with more lines added it has become a hard choice.

  6. I love that we’re at the point where if I picked up one of these books in a bookstore, I’d be at the end of page 1, deciding whether to turn for more. My top two (CHIME and LIFE RIGHT NOW) are still surviving, and I love it. 🙂 Each word packs a punch, and nothing’s wasted. After each line of both of them, I’m intrigued. This line from CASANOVA is my fave in the contest, I think: “Hovering over a toilet in a stall with her borrowed cocktail dress squeezed between her knees to keep it from falling in had to be the final nail in Kate Vernon’s dignity.” I’d strongly encourage the author to ditch the first line and start here. 🙂 Great job, everyone!

    • Yes, CHIME and LIFE RIGHT NOW are definitely my top 2. Chick Lit isn’t really my thing but I really like where LIFE RIGHT NOW is going. LIFE RIGHT NOW’s author really knows how to make sentences…unexpectedly fresh.

  7. It’s interesting to read all the comments and what pulls at each of us. For me, it’s the description of action and scene that makes me feel like I’m right there with the characters and makes me want to read more. That being said, I’m enjoying all of them and had a very hard time voting on just two.

  8. I’m still hanging on to my favorite – and this additional line made me go, “Oh!” I definitely want to keep reading!

  9. We are definitely beyond just the hook now– we are coming up on the turning of the first page into page two. I’m reading for character, for voice, and for what has the gears in my head cranking. How is this going to be different from others I’ve read in the genre? Is it predictable or are they going to throw me for a curve ball? My top two are very different submissions, both in terms of genre and in style. Hard to believe these are unpublished works!

  10. J. Morgan says

    Harder than ever to vote for just two. I voted for the ones whose next lines I wanted to read the most based on details and voice. But there were more I would have chosen if I had more votes.

  11. I’m still hanging out with the Happy Clam Family because this author has intrigued me from the beginning. What I began to think about this round is that my other choice is untitled. I’m definitely hooked into the story and want to continue reading, but I wonder now if the title and the cover would prevent me from picking up this book and reading as far as I have. It could be a real challenge for the author and at this point I can’t even imagine what I’d like to see on the cover. I’m reminded once again of the importance of well chosen words, perhaps even more than an image or a title. I may open more books now…just saying.

  12. Theresa Cole says

    I’ve been loving this contest, Bria. All three of my original faves are still here (which means I had to knock one off the list this round!), and I want to read them more than ever. I can’t wait to find out who the authors are so I can try to convince them to submit the finished books to me. LOL

  13. Bria Quinlan says

    It’s interesting to me how many people are saying “My favorites” — It makes me wonder how truly we’re coming to this with fresh eyes.

    I know that my favs have been different almost every time. My first round line felt like a home run – the the second line was like, Oh… where’d all the magic go. Another favorite was a first and second, but the third was so mundane, and not in a juxt way, that I walked from it.

    I guess – pushing you guys to stop thinking as favorites/Team This Line – and come fresh 😉

  14. This is my second go at this. One of the ones that initially grabbed me with such awesome humour is still my favourite, but neither of the other two kept my attention as much as another one that hadn’t even made it to my short-list to choose from last time.
    Bria, I can’t speak for evryone else, but what I’m mentally calling my favourites / short-list isn’t going on my own personal style of choice for reading. I’m normally rom-com / romance with a good bunch of quirky characters, and i almost never choose paranormal. Yet from my first read through of any of these ‘Midnight’s Balance’ grabbed me and I think of it as a ‘Favourite’, my front-runner. In fact, my new one I switched to is also paranormal as well. It’s been interesting taking them each on their own merit, in the spirit of which it was intended.

  15. It’s interesting because I haven’t been checking the contest since the first day. I can see how people can stick with their favorites. I only vaguely remember the first round, but still, when I decided on my votes, I was definitely taking the first line into serious consideration. I would’ve voted differently in the first round, though.

  16. Michelle says

    Great fun. I’m excited about the ones that did make it, but wonder what happens to those who didn’t make it. What do those authors do now? Rewrite? Leave it? Scrap the whole book?

    Good luck to those who are continuing on.

  17. I’m still mostly excited about one that initially caught my attention (His Dark Temptation) but a story caught my eye this evening that I was not drawn to, at first. I found myself wanting more of it this round! Lovely job to all who have participated and a special BRAVO to all the writers who have continued thus far. Let’s keep up the momentum! (Sad that I missed voting, though.)

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