Sweet & Sassy – BOOK 2 SALE!

Grab the next book in your new favorite series  THIS WEEKEND ONLY ALL BOOK 2 BOOKS ARE $.99 ONLY!!!! All books are linked – just click the books you want to head on over to your vendor pages!                        

Power in Failure

  Let me introduce you to a young woman, a daughter of incredibly successful immigrants from China who grew up figure skating competitively. She worked for years, sacrificing so much for her sport. I mean, we’ve all seen The Cutting Edge, right? This isn’t something you do casually. We know this isn’t just an after school activity if you want to make it to the Olympics. And she did. That was The Goal. Only, when push came to shove, she {Read More}

Content Editing Updates

Hi everyone! Below is an update for my Content Editing guidelines. I’m making some changes because I realized I was priced at about 27% of what the average was for the work I do and making roughly $4.80 an hour before taxes… yeah, math. I did NOT make the jump to the average content and developmental edits pricing in the industry for a very specific reason: Most of us can’t afford to pay that. Instead, I split the difference. I {Read More}

Simplifying Series: Series & Character Bible

Are you overwhelmed by the tons of data and sheets most series bibles and character sheets have? This one simplified to make sure you have everything you need, without tipping over into ‘creation work’ that can sometimes create busy work. INCLUDED: • A style guide to help you and your editors stay on the same page and consistent • Character list that keeps all your main characters, primary characters, secondary characters, and walk-ons straight. No one ever has to do {Read More}

The Sweetest Things is LIVE! Woot Woot and .99 This week!

If you somehow missed it, I have a brand new series out that takes place in the best “tourist” destination you’ve never heard of: Starlight Harbor. Starlight Harbor is a gorgeous little village on the coast of Maine with a rich history involving Scottish clans, smugglers, pirates, and a more recent one of celebrating Christmas year-round. Wait, what? Yup – they celebrate Christmas year-round for military families separated during the holidays — and love them to bits. Starlight Harbor’s Sweetheart {Read More}

Plan Like a Bestseller … is LIVE!

  I’m so excited to give you the new and improved book. If you don’t follow me online, let me give you the quick and dirty. The AuthorLife Planner is no more. Every year we’ll price out creating an actual planner-planner, but we found when asked that over 90% of people who used this yearly didn’t use the planner pages because…book. The Planner Pages are free for download (the link is at the end of the book) so if you’re {Read More}

AuthorLife Planner is now….

Are you one of my AuthorLife Planner peeps? If so I know you’re wondering (because I’ve gotten your emails… and DMs… and tweets… and carrier pigeons) what’s going on for 2019! So many great things. First off, we’ve made one really REALLY important change: We’ve taken the calendar pages out of the book. Don’t panic! You’ll still get your pages. But what does that look like? First off, I know that every year we talk about trying to make the {Read More}

Back to School ~ Back to Books $250 Giveaway

Ready to get your read on as we close out the summer? I KNOW YOU ARE!!!   Enter for your chance to win $250 in PayPal Cash or a $250 Amazon Gift Code!   A HUGE thank you to this fabulous group of sponsors who made this giveaway possible. Be sure to stop by and show them some love! Sponsor List I Am A Reader Clean Wholesome Romance P. Creeden Every Free Chance Books Bound 4 Escape Krysten Lindsay Hager {Read More}

Secret Life – ON SALE THIS WEEK!

 THIS WEEK ONLY – $0.99   Rachel Wells is a liar—big time. No one outside her family knows about the panic attacks or meds, the weekly therapy drive-bys or the “safe” outfit. If she could hide it all from her string of ex-boyfriends and her best friend Amy, then why should anything change? But, when the one guy as messed up as she is blackmails her into helping him, life goes from closely restrained to out of control. Sometimes choosing {Read More}

Brew Ha Ha Box Set SALE!

I said I’d never do this… but…. happy Bria’s Birthday Month: AMZ:  http://amzn.to/2Frww7s BN:  https://tinyurl.com/y8gmajby KOBO: https://tinyurl.com/yb8vhaph APPLE: https://tinyurl.com/y8zuc8gr